Very low emission floor coatings

New standards in safety and climate protection

With the development of our AB-ZEROPOX® and AB-ZEROPUR® coating systems, we are breaking new ground in making floor coatings safer for applicators and users.

We are the only manufacturer in Germany to offer you a wide range of coating systems that are very low in emissions through and through: From primer to sealer!

6 reasons for AB-ZERO


With our coating materials, processors and users alike benefit from a measurably improved indoor climate. No health-endangering emissions, no unpleasant odours – strong arguments for our PREMIUM floor coatings.


Our products are inspired by nature. The castor oil plant – also known as palm of christ – provides us with vegetable raw materials for the AB-ZEROPUR® floor coatings. Therefore these products are based up to 80 % on natural and renewable raw materials.


There is always room for improvement: This attitude has spurred us on to develop very low emission coating materials in accordance with EMICODE® EC 1Plus – without compromise, from primer to coating to topcoat. This makes us currently the only supplier on the market.


No compromises in quality and durability: As you know from our conventional products, also our AB-ZEROPOX® and AB-ZEROPUR® systems are extremely durable, reliable and robust. Satisfied customers worldwide confirm the outstanding quality.


Recreation rooms, offices, production/warehouse halls or workshops – the areas of application for these quality systems are as versatile as the products themselves. Whether sound absorbing, crack-bridging, non-slip, particularly robust, antistatic or electrostatically dissipative – for all requirements we have a solution.


What is the health of your customers and processors worth to you? The use of very low emission coating systems is an important step towards more health, safety and sustainability in all areas of life and work. A good investment!

EMICODE® makes planning easier

"Where nothing is in", nothing can come out!

The AB-ZEROPOX® ESD systems offer considerable added value not only to the end user, but also to the user or professional applicator, as there is considerably less odour pollution during processing and subsequent outgassing of emissions can also be virtually ruled out. ABP Coatings is the first manufacturer and supplier of ESD systems where all system components are licensed according to EMICODE® EC 1PLUS.

The EMICODE® seal provides building owners, architects, planners and craftsmen with a guide as to which products offer the greatest possible safety from indoor air pollution and guarantee maximum health protection and high environmental compatibility.

This is why the EMICODE® provides maximum safety and is the leading emission label:

  1. fulfils requirements for "green building".
  2. prerequisite for building certifications (DGNB, LEED, BREEAM)
  3. most demanding requirements for VOC emissions
  4. carcinogenic and mutagenic substances may not be used as a matter of principle
  5. applies to a wide range of building products
  6. internationally established and recognised
  7. only label with random external monitoring of real samples from the market

References from ABP Coatings

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