Seamless protection against moisture

The most valuable raw material on our planet is water. It is the basis of all life, which humans need just as much as air to breathe. However, water can also become the number one problem when moisture penetrates a building and causes lasting damage to the building fabric. The serviceability and service life of a building depends decisively on its impermeability.

AB-PUR® and AB-UCOAT® elastomers can be used to create particularly resistant and waterproof sealing systems in structural and civil engineering. The product portfolio includes manually applied and sprayable polyurethane and polyurea liquid plastics.

With the highly reactive and machine-applicable spray sealants, wall and ceiling surfaces as well as complex geometries and constructions can be reliably and permanently protected against a variety of chemicals, pollutants and water, without joints. In many countries, spray elastomers are also used as a crack-bridging, permanently elastic and seamless alternative to conventional sealing liners and have proven their worth over many years.

You have a problem with moisture? We have the waterproofing.

Flexible at low temperatures down to - 40 °C


Root-resistant and microbe-resistant


Free of solvent and plasticiser


Water vapour diffusible


Seamless and jointless; therefore no underflow




References from ABP Coatings

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