Public areas and offices

Durable, safe and very low in emissions

OWhether for public areas or offices - the very low-emission AB-ZEROPOX® and AB-ZEROPUR® coating systems not only withstand the high loads, but are also proven to be harmless to indoor air. Emissions from volatile organic compounds (VOC) can be an odour nuisance and a health hazard. The well-being of your employees should be close to your heart.

As a matter of principle, we advise you to take a close look at the substances contained in the individual materials before planning or commissioning a coating project. We have deliberately had our products tested with the maximum consumption quantities according to the product data sheet and without 3-day preconditioning. This allows us to prove that our AB-ZERO® products already have the lowest possible hazard potential during processing.

We will be happy to advise you on any ingredients and explain the difference to conventional coating materials.



Very low emissions from primer to sealer


Optimum room climate for working, learning and feeling good


Based on natural and renewable raw materials


Seamless = easy to clean and hygienic


Unique and individual design possibilities


References from ABP Coatings

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