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Hydraulic steelwork

Protecting and preserving values!

Modern, high-quality corrosion protection systems with a very low VOC content and, of course, free of heavy metals, benzyl alcohol, tar, anthracene oil and plasticisers are required to ensure the long-term preservation, use and stability of these structures. Through years of intensive research and development work, we have succeeded in developing a new generation of epoxy resin products with bionic technology. With the AB-COR® product range, thick-layer coating systems can be applied by airless spraying or by hand.

The AB-COR® qualities have been intensively tested and certified by the BAW (Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute) and RWE's own testing institute.

Die AB-COR® Qualitäten wurde von der BAW (Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau) und dem werkseigenen Prüfinstitut der RWE intensiv getestet und zertifiziert.

Questions about bionic technology? We will be happy to explain it to you.

BAW approval


Very good corrosion protection


Very good abrasion resistance


VOC < 1 %


Bionic technology


No shrinkage due to plasticiser migration


Physiologically harmless after curing


References from ABP Coatings

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