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Balconies, loggias & arcades

It's all about the details

Balconies, terraces, loggias and arcades are much more than just architectural details of a property, as they usually have to withstand a wide range of stresses and strains. They should offer the occupant peace and quiet and even serve as an escape route in an emergency. Unlike structural components inside buildings, exterior components such as balconies, terraces and arcades are exposed to high stresses. They not only have to meet aesthetic criteria. Their stability must withstand mechanical loads, changing weather conditions and possible structural expansion due to temperature fluctuations. The condition of the floor should prevent the risk of accidents and ensure usability at all times. An intact building material that is well protected all around is the prerequisite for this - no matter how old the building component is. In addition, the design should match the building and please the occupants. A perfect coating system already starts in the planning phase, because important details such as inlets, slopes and the attachment to building components should be taken into account and precisely specified here.

You have a problem - we offer you the solution.

Protection against moisture


Mechanically resilient






Decorative design possibilities


Can be made non-slip


References from ABP Coatings

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