Lighthouse Hohe Weg shines in new light

The 36 metre high Hohe Weg lighthouse is the oldest fixed beacon and one of the most important navigation aids on the western fairway edge of the Outer Weser. It stands 25 kilometres northwest of Bremerhaven and three kilometres east of the bird island of Mellum at the edge of the Wadden Sea on the sandbank of the same name, Hohe Weg, off the coast of Butjadingen. At high tide, the lighthouse is completely surrounded by water, and at low tide, the Hohe Weg sandbank dries out. This important lighthouse has also offered refuge to many a distressed mudflat walker and was renovated in 2013 with AB-COR® qualities.

Due to the excellent test results / corrosion protection properties and the listing at the Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute (BAW), the commissioned corrosion protection company decided to use AB-COR®, as these coating materials not only offer processing advantages but also economic advantages due to their properties.

The special challenge for AB-Polymerchemie GmbH was to produce the intensive colour shades (red orange, pure green, moss green, pure white) required by the monument protection and specified by the Bremerhaven Water and Shipping Authority (WSA) in a quality that can be processed by hand and provides good coverage. The employees of the coating company particularly praised the excellent brushability and covering power of AB-COR® 971, which is obviously no longer a matter of course for this type of topcoat.

The acceptance of this refurbishment measure was carried out by the WSA Bremerhaven on 8th August 2013, so that the scaffolding can be removed.

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