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In 2002, KEB Antriebstechnik GmbH in Barntrup (Lippe) redefined and advanced the quality requirements for floor coatings with regard to ESD safety.

The goal of KEB, Mr. H. as production manager and Mr. S. as ESD specialist, was to achieve, among other things, personal earthing in accordance with today's DIN EN 61340-5-1 and supplement 1 in all production and manufacturing areas by means of a high-quality and absolutely safe ESD floor coating. Any follow-up costs for subsequent sealing with e.g. conductive dispersions at regular intervals were not to be accepted. At the time, KEB also demanded permanent functionality even at low relative air humidity’s. How advanced this requirement criterion was at that time is reflected in the current standard, which specifies a relative air humidity of 12 % ± 3 % as the test climate. In order to fulfil the test criteria for ESD coatings and to guarantee permanent conductivity at every point of the floor, only a so-called volume-conductive system without ionic additives (salts) was considered for KEB at the time.

Due to the high metrological and mechanical demands on the coating system, KEB decided on the high-quality AB-POX® 460 ESD from ABP / Aurich.

All coating work was carried out to the complete satisfaction of the client. Due to the flawless and professional processing as well as the aesthetic appearance due to the colour flake scattering, the expectations of the operator were fulfilled in all respects. All measured values in the course of self-monitoring by KEB were and are still being reliably achieved. Mr. S. will be happy to share his experience with you.

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