"Practically emission-free" floor coating for a strong force.

Demonstrably improved indoor air quality for the processor and user through innovative and benzyl alcohol-free coating materials in accordance with AgBB (Committee for the Health Evaluation of Building Materials).

As early as 2006, various coating works were successfully carried out for the Ems-Weser State Construction Management in the Sergeant Lilienthal Barracks using conventional epoxy resin and polyurethane coating materials from AB-Polymerchemie. In accordance with the current state of the art in 2010, the "practically emission-free" AB-ZEROPOX® and AB-ZEROPUR® qualities were used for the extension of the troop kitchen, as the sustainability of coating systems is increasingly coming to the foreground. In view of this market development, we have deliberately had a test carried out on the individual products for the AB-ZEROPOX® and AB-ZEROPUR® systems in order to be able to prove that they are all "practically emission-free" coating systems, so that a subsequent release of organic solvents (VOC = volatile organic components), especially at higher temperatures, can be excluded. This also enables a market-driven combination of the individual qualities.

The coating work was carried out professionally and to the complete satisfaction of the client. We would like to take this opportunity to note that the Ems-Weser State Construction Management has used AB-ZEROPOX® and AB-ZEROPUR® materials for a number of times and has thus also fulfilled its duty of care and sense of responsibility towards the planners, users and its own employees in this project.

In the meantime, we have a complete AB-ZEROPOX® and AB-ZEROPUR® delivery programme, so that a project-specific coating structure can be offered for almost all areas of application. The qualities can be combined with each other in a similar way to a modular system and thus enable an enormously wide variety of system solutions. As a result, 95 % of the epoxy resin and polyurethane coating materials previously used can be replaced by the more advanced AB-ZERO® qualities.

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