Industrial halls and production areas

Emissions, no thanks!

Emissions and dust have no place in modern industrial plants and production halls. In our opinion, it is one of the duties of an employer to avoid polluted air in the workplace and to protect his employees from it. The requirements for an industrial floor are multifarious, with mechanical load-bearing capacity often coming first. Compared to conventional epoxy resins containing solvents or benzyl alcohol, AB-ZEROPOX® grades have a higher surface hardness and are much more resistant to point and area loads. With the very low emission coating systems, you protect the substrate against mechanical loads and the penetration of oils, greases, fuels, soluble salts, various acids and alkalis, aggressive cleaning agents and other substances or liquids that are hazardous to water. In addition, the products meet the guidelines of the Committee for the Health Evaluation of Building Products (AgBB).

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Very robust


Wear and abrasion resistant


Can be equipped with anti-slip properties


Decorative design possibilities


Seamless, jointless and easy to clean


References from ABP Coatings

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