Corrosion protection

Based on bionic technology

Adapting and applying methods proven in nature to technical products and processes ("bionics") leads to the extraordinary properties of AB-COR® products. Outstanding bonding behaviour by exploiting the "gecko effect", outstanding wet-stick resistance modelled on the mussel, and the resulting impressive resistance to cathodic infiltration,

among other things, together with the metal-free, reactive corrosion protection pigmentation lead to the excellent, evidence-based results of the AB-COR® series. The AB-COR® concept - the first of its kind! Participate in the progress and protect your values bionically with the AB-COR® qualities.


Only the best for climate protection! Wind turbines are exposed to the most extreme weather conditions and should be particularly well protected due to the required lifetime of 20 - 25 years.



Long-lasting protection against rust! AB-COR® products are based on a special bionic technology, which results in particularly good adhesion. Corrosion protection with BAW approval and tested by RWE.



It has to be resistant! Our practically solvent-free corrosion protection coatings achieve durable, extremely resistant protection of the steel surfaces of your plants and tanks.


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