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Explosion protection areas

When no ignition spark is allowed to occur

Antistatic coatings are literally purely measuring floors, as for these floors only the resistance to earth (RE) is measured with a standardised electrode and a specified voltage. The aim here is to avoid effective ignition sources in potentially explosive atmospheres in accordance with the standard DIN EN 1081 or DIN EN 61340-4-1. As a rule, these coating systems are equipped with carbon fibres to meet the standard requirements. These floor systems can only guarantee the standard-compliant values if all the necessary parameters (conductive shoes, conductive wheels on the forklift, comprehensive earthing) are also fulfilled. Low relative humidity, especially with underfloor heating, can lead to increased static voltage / charge in antistatic floorings. In such cases, remedial action can be taken by sufficient air humidification. With the antistatic AB-ZEROPOX® and AB-ZEROPUR® qualities, we can also offer a suitable and safe solution for your explosion protection area.

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According to DIN EN 1081 or DIN EN 61340-4-1


Average resistance to earth RE: < 104 to 106 Ω


Can be equipped with slip resistance /
earth discharge resistance RE: < 109 Ω


Systems with carbon fibres


Large variety of colours


Decorative design possible


References from ABP Coatings

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