Waterproofing under tiles

A perfect combination

The assumption that tile and slab coverings are waterproof is a misconception. Especially in food processing plants exposed to moisture, such as dairies, cheese dairies, breweries, slaughterhouses, commercial kitchens, but also in other areas such as toilets, shower facilities, swimming pool surrounds or balconies, the consequences of not having a professionally executed waterproofing system are often incalculable. Basically, water can penetrate the substructure via the joints and cause immense damage there in various aggregate states (liquid, frozen or vapour). This is the main cause of damage, especially in the case of ceramic coverings in outdoor areas. Such constructions have to withstand rain, snow, frost, sun and their interactions as well as mechanical stress. Without effective waterproofing, long-term protection from damage is not possible. In combination with tile and slab coverings, AB-PUR® waterproofing systems offer maximum safety.

Securely waterproofing floors and walls - Would you like advice?

Flexible at low temperatures down to -40 °C




Very good chemical resistance


Free of plasticiser


Seamless and jointless; therefore no underflow


References from ABP Coatings

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