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The German Air and Space Center (DLR) in Oberpfaffenhofen (Bavaria) has the research aircraft Falcon 20 E. This most modern twin-engine jets of today is capable to investigate fine particles of mineral dust and sulfur compounds in the air, by using laser technology.

Surely you remember the Icelandic ash cloud, which the air traffic over Europe for several days in style put or strongly affected. To be capable measuring these so called aerosols (size of 1 to 100 microns) in the air, specific and highly sensitive measuring instruments are needed, that the Falcon 20 E is equipped with.

In order to maintain the most sensitive technology and equipment of this special aircraft optimally and safely, it was a very hot item for coating the hangar to use only high quality products. Due to the high mechanical and chemical requirements for the coating system, the principal decided to work with the reliable system made by AB-Polymerchemie GmbH.

The coating was applied to the complete satisfaction of the client. Due to the flawless, professional installation and the aesthetic appearance of the coating system, the operator’s expectations were exceeded in all matters and ABP has another top reference.

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